As a photographer, I have the honor of witnessing magnificent and intimate moments. When I work with people I try to capture what they want, and I also try to find details like connection and emotional 1/250 of a second that might be overlooked. Each person’s enduring story whether it is a new mom, a 6 months old or a 90 grandmother is one that they will always want to revere and remember. I love the idea of a photo telling a story for generations to come- this is how I try to approach every composition I create.

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bellies, babes and families

I truly believe there is something interesting and attractive about any subject I have in front of my camera. If you come in to my studio, ask me to tell you about some of my challenging photo shoots hat ended up as with some of my favorite shots! Portrait sessions for business, personal, or modeling headshots, is teamwork between my subject and me. I value input and I am also happy to take the lead as choreographer. 


I love boudoir work. Although clearly intimate, I try to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. My past clients would attest that these sessions are completely serene, comfortable, and fun. It is not so much about the woman and me as it is it is about the woman and how she feels about her body. Most often, women say these photos are for their partners, but I feel that these photos are also a gift to the women, themselves.


My parents bought me a beautiful blue loveseat for my studio. To honor their generosity, I went in search of couples who have been together for more than 50 years with the goal of having them photographed on that very loveseat. During each shoot, i asked about their long-lasting relationship and their secrets to making it work. This is an on-going project - let me know if you know anyone who has been with their partner for more than 50 years! 

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