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ForLuli Photography’s mission is to work with women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and are about to start treatment. Photo sessions are designed to fit a woman’s instinct; they can be taken in the studio, on location or in the home.

Project : ForLuli

In 1996-97 Laura received a grant from the Guild at the Iowa Jewish Senior Life Center. The Life Center is a skilled nursing facility with 60 residents. It was her job to interview Center residents, learn of their lives and creating lasting images of them to hang in a permanent gallery on the walls of the home. Accompanying this photo exhibit, a book, Punim was created. Colorful photographs of individuals and their transcribed stories honor the residents and share treasures with their family and community. In 2005 Laura worked on a new Punim project with the Women’s Philanthropy Division of the Jewish Community Federation of the Greater East Bay at the Reutlinger Community Center for Jewish Living in Danville, California.

Project : Punim

Project : Loveseat Lessons

My parents bought me a loveseat for my photo studio. To honor their generosity, I went in search of couples who have been together for more than 50 years, with the goal of taking their portraits upon that very loveseat. During each shoot, I asked about the secrets to their long-lasting relationships, and got some great responses. This is an on-going project, let me know if you or someone you know has been with their partner for 50 or more years.
This work was published in the San Francisco Chronicle on March 4, 2012. Spread the love!